David Fiddes, 2004 Ultima GTR

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David Fiddes, 2004 Ultima GTR

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Name: David Fiddes
Vehicle: 2004 Ultima GTR
Engine: 383c.i. SB Chevy V8 (American Speed built 425 bhp Ultima crate engine)
Injection: Holley MPFI single-plane manifold with 36 lb/hr Accel injectors, Aeromotive pump and regulator
Description: The aim of the project was to convert the carb on my original crate engine to something that is a bit more behaved on the road. Carb fuelling was fine on full throttle but everywhere else it was miles too rich. I'm using Holley MPFI manifold which is a reasonable match for the car and my Edelbrock Performer RPM heads, Holley rails and 4-bbl throttle body.

The project started with me converting to use MSnS-E to control just the spark. This was incredibly simple, requiring only 4 wires and a vacuum line to get working. Having the spark computer controlled totally transformed the part-throttle and idle running of the engine.

Making the move to full EFI has taken a lot longer. The fuel system uses the standard 2 low pressure Carter fuel pumps to lift fuel from one of the two tanks to an ATL swirl pot. A -8 feed line then gravity feeds into an Aeromotive 11103 fuel pump and a 13109 regulator. I'm using a set of Holley fuel rails and 1000CFM 4-bbl throttle body. Currently using a TechEdge 2A0 wideband unit but plan to move to using a 2d0 unit inside the MS case.

Currently using: MSnS-E 029q, MT 2.25 and a V2.2 MS board

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