MegaSquirt'n'Disco - It's party time!

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MegaSquirt'n'Disco - It's party time!

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After getting somewhat of a reputation on LR4x4 for (quite rightly) evangelising about MegaSquirt, a few people have asked if there's anything it can't do... so when the annual London To Brighton Land Rover run loomed, being both the 60th Anniversary of Land Rover and the 10th L2B Run, we decided to throw a bit of a party - with a Land Rover theme of course. This set us thinking about ways to combine an automotive theme with disco sparkliness.

So I made this. :D

Here it is in action in the field:

I've no immediate plans to repeat the experiment, although the idea of sticking an audio signal direct into the VR sensor input does intrigue me :RTFM:
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