Peter Webb, 1987 Alfa Romeo Milano V6

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Peter Webb, 1987 Alfa Romeo Milano V6

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Name: Peter Webb

Vehicle: 1987 Alfa Romeo Milano V6

Injection: L-jet conversion

Description: Wooohooo!!

Although this isn't the intended car for this MS (I have plans to MS all 3
of my Alfa's), the Alfa Spider started and idled today on the MS. I hope
this qualifies for an 'it runs'. This MS is intended for my Alfa
Milano(75) but I used the Spider since it's right here and it also has
L-Jet. All the sensors read correctly. The TPS is still the switch type
so it read 0 or 100% so I figure that's why it died when I tried to rev it
up. It revved a little then sputtered and died. The VE table in the MS
right now is for the intended Alfa 6C (Milano) so that could also be why it
does rev cleanly. However, it did start and run and I'm one excited boy.

Please add me to the success stories. I'm going to order and build another
MS pronto for this car and head on over to the garage where the Milano is
next weekend and get it sorted out there. The running car is an 1986 Alfa
Romeo Spider Veloce. Hopefully, I can report the Milano running next

Thanks to Bruce and Al for the great project box. Thanks to the many
people who help on this list day after day (Eric, Perry, Lance, Bill S.
etc). You've helped me tremendously just reading and learning. This has
been a great learning experience for me.

I just can't get the smile off my face.
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Re: Peter Webb, 1987 Alfa Romeo Milano V6

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How's this car running? I am starting my milano MS project!

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