'99 Miata MSPNP Gen2 tune non-boost w/ minor upgrades

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'99 Miata MSPNP Gen2 tune non-boost w/ minor upgrades

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1999 Miata tuning file using a MSPNP Gen2 non-pro ECU. Using firmware MS2 3.4.2 and TunerStudio version 3.0.22
List of mods to engine:
*Skunk2 64mm throttle body
*BEGi custom intake manifold w/ 8inch short trumpet runners, ported to TB(used to free up engine bay space, gain accessibility, save weight)
*Phenolic insulation intake gasket 0.25inch
*8.5mm spark wires(oem ignition coils)
*FM 36-2 Trigger wheel used
*ExIntake camshaft mod @ 197.5 degrees
*Rx8 injectors (yellow body) 450cc @ 3bars
*Radium Eng. fuel rail w/ pulse damper
*Radium Eng. Fuel Pressure Reg set @ 3bars(43.5psi)
*RacingBeat 4-1 header, CAT replaced with RacingBeat pipe, 2.5inch exhaust system throughout
*Recent refreshed cylinder head, new valves, springs, solid lifters(SUB), valve seals, and intake/exhaust gasket matched porting @ 25Apr2017

Idles okay. Stable when rad fan kicks on. No A/C, power steering. Decent acceleration after 4000rpm all the way to redline of 7200rpm. Slight hesitation of a quick throttle blip. No issues when shifting. Good cruise mileage, gulps gas when aggressive. 5 minute warm up time due to coolant reroute. Driven in mediate warm climate only.

Posting file for those with similar mods or interest. Also accepting suggestions to improve tune. Log file to follow soon.
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