Peter Webb, 1986 Alfa Spider 2.0

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Peter Webb, 1986 Alfa Spider 2.0

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Name: Peter Webb

Vehicle: 1986 Alfa Spider 2.0

Engine: 2.0 dual-overhead cam I-4, port injected.

Injection: L-Jetronic conversion using all stock components and sensors. Built the MS into the L-Jet case and connector.

Description: I pulled the car out this weekend. I was getting a nasty stumble when I got on the gas hard. Bumping up the accel enrichment didn't get rid of it. A data log revealed some nasty tach spikes but only if I nailed the throttle at low RPM. I installed D5 (John) and increased R10 to 2.2K which appeared to solve the problem. I think the Alfa V6 (previously L-Jet) is similar to the Peter Florance setup on his 528, so thanks Peter for posting all that info on R10 in the last month.

An early start at 5:30am @ 20degF started right up and ran like a champ all the way to work. It's running better than it ever did on the L-Jet, especially cold.

Description: Pictures of the MS builds:

Pictures of the cars:
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