Allen Massey, 1988 Evante MK 1 (Kent Crossflow)

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Allen Massey, 1988 Evante MK 1 (Kent Crossflow)

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Since I already have a website about my car and a few pics of the conversion process I'll just post the links here and a few notes.

Pics of the conversion -
General Info about the car -

I just got it started for the first time tonight. It's been a long haul for me - a tad over a year since I started. But the initial startup only took about 3 minutes.

Since I took the pics and before I actually finished, I changed to the diode version of the ITB Synchro MAP hardware board ( ... ro#p198385) and it seems to be working very well initially.

Microsquirt ECU – the first iteration - modified with the Bosch ignition drivers.
Wiring Harness from DIYAutotune
Assembled Relay Board from DIYAutotune
Injectors – Accel PN 150126 - 26 lbs/hr
Coil – Accel PN 140028 – This is an after market dual pack type coil manufactured for Ford Focus EDIS. Has European type contacts.
Spark Plug Wires –after market MSD 8.5 mm low resistance/low noise wires for 2000- 2004 Ford Focus 2.0L SOHC. MSD PN 32589. These ended up working perfectly. After much arranging the stock wire lengths worked out well with no modification.
Jenvey DCOE type twin throttle bodies. I think they are 48 mm.
AEM 30-4100 WB UEGO
IAT and CLT sensors are the standard GM type as recommended by Microsquirt.
TPS came with the Jenveys. I think it is a standard TPS – name escapes me at present.
MAP – At present I'm using 5 map sensors (will setup baro correction later) They are all MPX5100
Crank Trigger - Electromotive 1/2" VR sensor and 60-2 wheel with two additional teeth removed to run at cam speed so ECU sees the same as 30-2 on crank.
VR Sensor Bracket and cam wheel mount were custom fabricated by Abacus Racing, Virginia Beach, VA. They also welded in bungs for my CLT sensor and O2 sensor.
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