John.P.Clegg 1968 Lotus elan+2

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John.P.Clegg 1968 Lotus elan+2

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Tonight I'll be celebrating!!!!...for nearly the past year I've been planning to F.I. my pride and joy.....the changeover from dissy to wasted spark controlled by Ms was a great leap forward....this happened about 6 months ago...and the car had never run smoother..have been running a WBO2 for quite a few months and the car was always running rich,sometimes off the scale ....well this afternoon she was ready for starting (apart from lockwiring the jubilee clips) so I thought I'd give her a whirl before reading the tuning instructions...fired up a treat and with a better mixture at tickover.....with base map installed!!

Have to go now,there's a bottle of red waiting...

John :D

A BIG thankyou to all who helped via the forums and to Phil for a great build

I'll report back later after I've fixed the hissing (air-leak?)

Would love to post some piccies but I'm I.T.challenged...
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