basic ms1 questions and some turbo mustang ms ?

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basic ms1 questions and some turbo mustang ms ?

Post by customsound »

A friend has a ms1 woth a 3.0 board he is wanting me to put on my car . ive been doing a ton of reading but still need some answers . im running a 308 trickflow heads e-cam and aftermarket intake on 14 pounds of boost. anyone have a close setup tune ? also whats the bennifit of a bigger map ? does the ms1 have a two step built in ? how do you like the wot shift ? this will be a street car but i want a standalone style tuner because im always changing stuff around , currently i have just tuned with my wideband and adj fuel reg .
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Re: basic ms1 questions and some turbo mustang ms ?

Post by 92notch »

this is the wrong forum to post this question. but if you need a startup tune for a turbomustang i can send me an email at
I am running hi-res code and if you are running 42lb injectors like me you will want to upgrade to the HI-RES code.
hope this helps
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