1951 Ford Flathead using MegaSquirt II and Turbo

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1951 Ford Flathead using MegaSquirt II and Turbo

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My Project

I installed a 1951 Flathead into a Gehl Skid loader ("Bob Cat" type machine)
This is a hydrostatic propelled machine ... engine drives a large hydraulic pump;
The pump on this machine requires maximum available torque at 2200 rpm's.

The engine was completely rebuilt.( rings, bearings, valves, lifters, cam, ext )
stock intake manifold, stock heads, 95% oil flow with high out-put pump.
New camshaft ground for use with the turbocharger, expecting max torque at 2200 rpm's
Stock compression ratio... 6.8:1 ( turbo friendly)

using Megasquirt II 3.57 controller ( modified to control ignition and use the fuel composition sensor)

Fuel system:
GM TBI unit from a Chevy S 10 ( 35 lb injectors ) mounted to stock Flathead manifold.
Flex fuel sensor from a GM ( intend to use E85 fuel ) GM # 12568450
Electric fuel pump
manifold pressure adjusted fuel pressure regulator ( raise fuel psi 1lb for each 1lb of boost)
Also using S10 Chevy cruse control unit as a governor to maintain the selected speed

Ignition system:
Procomp 8000 series distributor (with the advance unit locked), coil, and Multi Spark CDI Ignition box.
If you want to use MS II to control the timing with an 8000 or 9000 series Procomp... hook it up just like the directions
indicate , with these two exceptions: First: Use the Procomp green wire ( tach output ) to send a signal to your MS II (Ignition wire pin 24) and Second: Do not hook up the black wire from the procomp to the negative term of the coil.... instead trigger the coil with pin 36 from MS II. (This assumes you have made the required changes to megasquirt II to send the ignition output signals.)

T3 turbo on a home made stainless steel exhaust system.
There is a pressure blow off valve between the turbo and TBI manifold.
Expect to limit the pressure to about 10 psi at 2200 rpm's.
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