Patrick O'Bryan, 1982 Fiat Spider

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Patrick O'Bryan, 1982 Fiat Spider

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Name: Patrick O'Bryan

Vehicle: 1982 Fiat Spider

Engine: 4 cylinder, DOHC, 1995cc

Injection: Bosch FI (was) driving 4, 178cc/m port injectors, Magnetti Marelli electronic ignition (until I can get one of the programmable systems going). I am currently running a second HEI module in parallel to the stock ignition for a clean tach signal to MegaSquirt. Kept Bosch sensors and original harness (followed Alan's wire guide).

Description: Well, I finally overcame all issues (equipment and self-inflicted) and got the Fiat Spider running. It idles pretty good (a little rich) and runs pretty well but still needs to be dialed in a bit (leaning out on acceleration). Thanks all who offered suggestions.
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Re: Patrick O'Bryan, 1982 Fiat Spider

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Hi Patrick

I know it's been a while since your post but I am going through the same process, updating by 1980 Fiat spider from L-jet to MSII with EDIS.
Are you able to give me any handy tips
David Nigro
-Cheers David - 1980 Fiat 124 Spider 2000
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Re: Patrick O'Bryan, 1982 Fiat Spider

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hi Patrick,i just start to replace the l jetronik .have a ms2,i like have a pnp solutions.
have some questions how to trigger from negative coil,can you help me?
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