Tim Bennett, Maserati Biturbo

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Tim Bennett, Maserati Biturbo

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Name: Tim Bennett

Vehicle: Maserati Biturbo

Engine: 2.0 litre

Injection: Stock Maserati EFI system (From a scrap car), EFI fuel pump, Magnetti Marelli Ignition system (Will be Megaspark until full MJ comes along).

Description: Well at 21:00 last night it finally ran! Just tick-over really, but it does throttle and rev up. It ran!! Turbos is not connected at present, and I haven't fitted the O2 sensor yet. It is just brilliant the moment it starts. I am suffering from some false triggers, but will track this down over the next few days. Then plumb up the turbos, fit the O2 (NB at the moment) and start logging !

Pictures: Image

Partial install stage....
Tim Bennett
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is the maserati still running or?

Post by Rostoff »

Hey Tim,

i'm restoring and preparing my maserati biturbo spyder right now. I'm serious interested in replacing the marelli computers with the megasquirt's.

First of all, I will test the megasquirt on a experimental maserati engine, but afterwards I would like to put the MSQ to a racing prepped engine.

What are your experiences sofar?

What is our limit?
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