Dave Edge, 1969 Sunbeam Stiletto

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Dave Edge, 1969 Sunbeam Stiletto

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Name: Dave Edge

Vehicle: 1969 Sunbeam Stiletto

Engine: 930cc / 56ci, ohc, turbocharged

Injection: Port Injection

Description: Home-made injection setup,
right down to fuel rail and surge tank. 170cc/min injectors. Perfect Power module controls ignition. 0-60mph somewhere around 7 secs. Daily driver since fitting MegaSquirt (1500 miles so far 2002/08/27), cold starting and warmup enrichment make it a pleasure to jump in and go.
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Dave Edge, 1969 Sunbeam Stiletto

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How things have changed in the past two years! Different car, same engine & ecu. I had to scrap the Sunbeam Stiletto when one day I put my foot through the floor - damn this British weather... So I bought a Davrian glassfibre kit car dating from 1969. Put all the mechanicals from the dead Sunbeam into it and I guess in a way the old car still lives :-)

The engine is largely as in 2002. The ignition was controlled those days by a perfect power unit but now of I've the EDIS module fitted and it's all controlled by MSnExtra. Many thanks to the contributors James, Phil & others for MSnExtra, it is great to get everything in one package.

Over the past 15k miles, I've had a breakdown with a headgasket failure but the good old MS v1 is still going strong. I also fitted the MS-IAC and although it has a couple of glitches every now and then when it revs the engine briefly and from cold it insists on revving hard for 2 secs, it does the job.

I have to tune on my own and I find the log viewer a really good tuning aid, although I do sometimes tweak it a bit whilst on the road - eeek!

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