William Turner, Dax Rush - Rover 3.9 V8

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William Turner, Dax Rush - Rover 3.9 V8

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Name: William Turner

Vehicle: 2002 Dax Rush

Engine: SD1 3.9 Rover V8, with 285 cam & mildly ported heads

Injection: TVR 390 spec - enlarged plenum throttle, Jaguar 230cc/min injectors, rising-rate regulator.

Description: Had intended to fit MS to the previous (ex TVR 390) 3.9, but it grenaded itself (crank snapped in 3 following a main cap pulling out the block :shock: ). So, new engine and either a remapping of the existing ECU, or go for the Megasquirt. I chose the latter :D

Following wideband tuning it's now running well - just needs leaning out at a couple of points on the map for stoichiometric cruising.

Website: http://www.v8rush.co.uk. Yet to be updated with megasquirt info.
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