SEAT Ibiza 1.8T 20vt 1994

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SEAT F2 Ibiza
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SEAT Ibiza 1.8T 20vt 1994

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Dear All,

I believe in giving credit where credit is due.

Many thanks to Phil Ringwood, without him, it all looked a bit peachy!!!

My car has long been in the waiting, and spent the last 8 months being a non-runner!!!

A simple day out to see Phil fixed it!

So what is under the bonnet?
SEAT Leon block, Skoda Octavia 20vt head, VW Golf IV intake manifold, Audi TT exhaust manifold and turbo, bit's of this and that exhaust!, Golf IV gearbox, VW Golf III single mass Flywheel, Helix paddle clutch and helix cover plate, Peloquin LSD. Oh! and a shed load of other bits we found in the stores that we were going to chuck out!!!!!

What can i say about Phil?
He's Brilliant! If you've been stitched up like a kipper by someone who claims to know all about MS, but doesn't really have a clue like i have. Then i suggest you get in touch with Phil.

A 300 mile round trip, with my car on the back of my van and trailer down to Norwich sorted it.
After spending ages being told it was this or that, that was causing the problem for my car not to run, was an insult to both MS and myself. When you understand what we do for a living!!!!
You see it ran perfectly on a standard OEM ECU mapped to death, but the standard ECU ran out of options for me!

It took Phil roughly 3 hours or so to make it perfect! Basically the ECU was set up wrong in the first place!!!

Guys take my advice, don't mess around. Just get it sorted properly. I highly recommend Phil Ringwood for anyone based in the UK.

All i can say for me, is that we play around with standard ECU's and modify them all day! MS has so much more to offer, it will do all the things i can't do on a standard ECU.
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